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Garage Asylum

Being a “car guy” makes my eyes always shoot toward an open garage door.  With a tinge of voyeurism I look to catch a glimpse of a beauty sleeping under cover, curvaceous antique, sleek vintage hot rod, stripped down racer, badass muscle car, smooth exotic sports car, dangerous motorcycle of any kind, sparkle of chrome or “gearhead” project in the works…  But alas, usually I only get an eyeful of something you don’t want to see, Junk (but I look anyway).  There are occasionally a few buried treasures infinitely waiting under the dust and boxes of life’s souvenirs, but most garages sadly are simply full of stuff, piled high with things that people lazily save.  Although a few garages are actually used for a daily driver, the household workhorse vehicle, many have become storage units.  Some garages are methodically organized dens dedicated to other passions like woodworking, music, gaming, or even turned into pseudo pubs and tiki bars, and a few into gyms.  The worst are converted into living quarters, never to be open again.  The best are an Asylum, from the rest of the world.



8 thoughts on “Garage Asylum

  1. Haha – I won’t invite you to look into our garage, then. The front door built in the 70’s is just a few inches to narrow for a modern car, so…

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  3. Bryan,

    If you’re the fellow of the Southwest who graciously took the lady Jan to her appointment at the end of 2014, I say thank you very much!

    Sincerely, Randy, of the Ducati

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