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What makes a track a “Home Track?”

Is it the one you grew up near?

One you live by now?

Favorite place to go for racing?

Is it about memories or the place itself?

A place where people say things like, “You’re the only one I know here” or “This is the only place I see you.”

I suppose it’s different for everyone and even changes as people move around, or worse when a track goes away. For me it’s a blend. I grew up about a half hour away from Seattle International Raceways towards Mt. Rainier and now live about a half hour towards the Puget Sound from Pacific Raceways (different name – same place).

I grew up coming here with friends and never stopped. I’ve brought girlfriends, walked my dogs around the trees and stands and made new friends here. I’ve been coming here a lot more these last few years and every single time my seventeen year old self high-fives me near the [Welcome Race Fans] sign.


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