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April’s Fool

My night of driving ended around 3:00 in the morning at an all-night casino, “Hey man, be honest.. Do I look okay?”

The 2 stop trip started at a Motel 6 with the guy singing to Rap playing on his phone, he either knew the songs less than me or was just changing the words. He appeared to be jacked on coke or tweaking on something worse.

We stopped near the house he had as the first 15 minute destination, “Wait here with your lights off.” I did. Quietly I listened with the windows down for something, anything that might sound like a reason to take off.

In silence I contemplated canceling the trip and pondered whether he was just sneaking in for more money or maybe something worse or doing something worse.. 5 minutes later he came running around a different corner.

As we headed back towards where I found him, he called someone and whispered about being lied to. After the call he mumbled at his phone as if recording the moment, something about staying away from her.

“Hey, I’m changing the stop to a casino.”


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