Hola 2014





Sarrah enjoyed all of the gifts from the sun, both outdoors and through glass.  This time of year, sunshine in the Pacific Northwest, is special.  The rays of sunlight are the treasured reward for living through the days of gray.  Or, the days of gray make the sunshine better.  Either way, Sarrah soaked up the sunshine whenever she could, fortunately we had many sunny afternoons her last year.

Working from home allowed me opportunities to sneak outside often for sun breaks with Sarrah, enjoying time with my friend in our backyard.  I could sit for hours and watch her smile and squint in the sunshine.  Whether at home listening to the musical breeze rustle through the vivid lime green bamboo leaves or at the beach house in the warm sand, with the ocean roaring to us.  I never tired of these moments.  When she’d had almost too much, she would start to pant like a lizard and then move to some shade, only long enough to ready herself for more sunshine.  Sarrah could do this all-day long.  I wish I could watch her, one more day.