How can an animal have such an impact on a person’s life?

The simple answer, over painted with a worn-out brush “Unconditional Love” does not work for me, I feel it is more than that.

Some of them are angels.


6 thoughts on “Maybe?

  1. there is a real connection that occurs sometimes
    “real connection” seems like a cheap phrase
    i don’t know how else to say it
    don’t yet know the words for it
    don’t know if there are words for it
    something in the realm of connection, relationship, depth, unconditional love…
    don’t quite have the words.
    but i have a sense that i know what you are talking about, reflecting on my cat, Oni.

  2. There is a picture frame in my office, that holds a photo of one of my departed pets. The quote on it is one that clicks for me.

    It says, “Pets are companions and healers of human beings. They are the spiritual connection between people and nature. And they give us a better life on earth.”

    If they *are* angels, I have four watching over me from above. And one keeping me company in my lap while I write. 🙂


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