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Eye of December

Another newer wrinkle of our annual tradition in what has evolved into the month of Christmas, we escaped to the Beach House for the weekend prior to the actual holiday.  Just Nissa and I with our pets, went to get away from it all and make peace with the season.  This is a nice, quiet, uneventful time to unwind and reflect in our place of refuge, sort of ‘the eye in the storm’ that is December.  This last time Sarrah was clingier and wanted to sit in my lap, many times.  She wanted to do this often in her early years, but with wiggly youthful restlessness.  Now she wanted to be still and press her forehead against me, perhaps bonding in reflection.  I wonder if there was a tear in her eye.


5 thoughts on “Eye of December

  1. hey man, i’ve been way behind on my reading and responding and trying to catch up. damned life, interfering with blogging! i have been keeping an eye on your blog, and i think it is really cool that you’ve got this going about your dog and relationship to it. i think my blog and so many others are clogged w/ such confusing crap, and it is really refreshing to watch yours evolve. peace. bob

    • Thank You for the kind words.

      Most of what I feel compelled to Write (much of it has been in the works for a couple years) and Share is about life with my dog Sarrah.

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