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Sarrah usually even enjoyed the attention from hoards of kids who are in excess when the weather is nice (Kids instantly forget everything they’ve ever been told in regards to “strangers”, let alone running toward me and Sarrah).  Thanks to Sarrah’s typical patience and our many visits to parks, beaches, trails and sidewalks many kids of all ages got to meet a real life “Dalmatian!”   I couldn’t even guess how many hundreds of these people enjoyed their gift of meeting Sarrah.  She was the most popular and often photographed dog, every time.


4 thoughts on “Dalmatian!

  1. not sure what it is about Dalmatians…
    but there is that immediate draw, interest, wonder
    something in the spots?
    i don’t honestly know
    mystery thing.
    there’s this huge wave-mix of beauty and wonder that comes up in seeing a Dalmatian.

  2. They are so interesting because they are the only dog that has spots. Well, then there’s the Walt Disney show 101 Dalmations…:) What a cute pup. Looks like you’ll be busy!

    • I was very busy Learning about Life with her, for almost thirteen years.
      Afterward I learned about Coping with Loss, through writing and deeply appreciating pictures.
      Now I’m learning about Sharing via blogging and (hopefully) some Literary Immortality.

      All valuable Life Lessons…
      Seems a Special Dog can teach an Old Boy new tricks

      • A special dog is family. Unconditional love – rich or poor, happy or sad. They are the best. So sorry to hear of your loss. Keep writing, my friend.

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