Sarrah barged through life.

She never grasped the concept of walking beside a person, unless she was at the end of the leash and someone else happened to keep up (which Sarrah took to be a challenge for a race).  Her lack of respect for human leash rules came in part from conflicting training styles and expectations, early on.  Despite numerous remarks from those who felt compelled to ask “Who’s walking Who?” I grew to actually be a little proud of her independent spirit, that I hadn’t crushed her desire to barge out there and be the team leader of our walk.

Looking back she was always walking me, for which I will be eternally grateful.


One thought on “Barge

  1. Enjoyed looking at your site, was struck by this post because Ellie is similar, (we do s&r training and she loves to track a scent) in that she will walk beside me off leash but once she is hooked up she believes she is in charge. But it does keep you fit.

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