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Why do people carry books with them?

Why do people carry the same books with them?

Usually Bibles or other religious books, I assume, but why?  Is it to read, or reread when time is theirs to spare?  Could it be kept nearby so they can make notes on the pages when something comes to mind?  Perhaps to have it on hand to share with others, if so moved.  Maybe it is simply for comfort.  I’m not sure why and I’d never really thought about it, until Nissa asked me “Do you think your binder is a Security Blanket?”

I replied (after a day of contemplation) “Perhaps… It is a security blanket, but I think it’s more a need to complete it (with no rush nor deadline).  If I stop, it may never be restarted and remain unfinished.  The story is too important, at least to me (besides the time invested) and deserves to be written to some level of completion”.

This question and contemplation all came about because; from the moment that I began writing about Sarrah I kept a black pleather binder with me, at all times.  This ‘manuscript’ evolved with daily handwritten words, as they came to me.  Mainly I retyped it in the early morning hours, those when Sarrah would have been by my side, while my dragon waited and before the day cluttered my mind.  Then I updated it onto printed pages.  In the quiet, alone times often I just read and reread portions of my writings, reliving them in my mind.  Sometimes I simply kept it open to a picture.

I am lucky that I started writing about Sarrah when I did, otherwise I may have never done it. 

Equally, that it grew enough momentum to help perpetuate itself.  

I always wanted the story to progress… but did not really want it to conclude.


6 thoughts on “Why do people carry books with them?

  1. my housemates tease me sometimes
    as i leave for each day
    carrying a basket – which among other things
    always has a book i’m currently reading & my journal.
    they ask:
    “are you going to Alaska?”

    i really enjoyed reading this post
    getting a sense of your process
    each animal person has their own
    and also wonderful to read about the benefit of having this binder at all times.

    • Glad you enjoyed it!
      As the binder evolved from brand new filled with blank paper into a weathered scrapbook / manuscript of sorts it felt like she was in it (I even slid it under my bed at night for the first couple years plus)
      Now it’s usually open on my dinner room table (I eat at the Kitchen sink looking out the window) surrounded by notes, ideas and revisions.

  2. hey brother, keep writing about Sarrah. have you ever considered the potential to turn your writing about Sarrah into a book of children’s stories? and i in no way suggest your writing is childish, because i think it is so cool. but kids are looking for that kind of familiar character to identify with. i think you have potential for something like that.

    • Interesting thought…
      I’ve probably written enough (mostly still very rough – need to Show more & Tell less) about life with Sarrah to fill a book, but have never been sure if it would have an audience nor who it might be.
      I’ll keep tweaking and sharing…

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