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Missing my Friend

Hardly any Focus

Breathing seems Difficult


Oddly the mind makes Time seem slower…

while trying to Absorb the Surreal


Feels like my Heart no longer fits in my chest

as if somehow Bigger, but actually probably Smaller, having another piece …Broken off


an all too familiar Mental Time-Out Torture Chamber


The Monster we Simply call Loss is Beating me again


* * *


Cheers to you John Kelly

* * *

I heard that John gave someone the gift of sight.  How awesome is that?!



5 thoughts on “Missing my Friend

  1. so sorry for your loss, i am wishing you healing, keep writing my friend, keep writing and walking and visiting Sarah’s places

  2. condolences…this is why I am starting lifewall.org…you can post your friend on our global human history wall and he will stay there forever and you can visit him when you miss him from anywhere anytime…this is our goal.

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