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My Obit


Born December 8, 1965 in Jamestown, North Dakota the only child of Esther and Stan Goffe.  Raised in Enumclaw, Washington by schoolteacher parents gave a solid start – blending mid-west values with small town growth.


Being a bit of a traveller and seeker it was often easier to question than accept.

Surviving a taste for adrenaline and gravitational pull from the wilder side, eventually settling down in the Seattle area.

Learning about the gifts of life from daughter Heather and her journey.

Sharing eclectic experiences with several great friends, many special acquaintances and a few wild characters.

Enjoying the path with a special dog proved to be life changing.

Life was rich.


I liked the idea of becoming a kind of Renaissance Man.

Hopefully I achieved this on some level, before I left.


Happy Trails…



4 thoughts on “My Obit

  1. The idea for this Obit has been bouncing around in my head for several years.
    It was a writing prompt from a class that I did not take (the campus buzz stuck in my head for a few days – years).
    Crafting an original snapshot of one’s own life is a little difficult.
    Evolution and Editing are inevitable.

    I am still alive and kicking…

    P.S. The paver [My Tombstone] is planted in front of the LeMay Museum in Tacoma, WA.
    I expect a shot-glass of ashes to be poured underneath it (when I’m done with them).

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