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Garish Seats

Rumor has it there was a small town brothel located somewhere in the Oregon Territory with a need. Business was growing and they wanted a place for visitors to sit while they waited in the parlor. Some kind of deal was made and a few sections of chairs from the church were relocated. As times and hypocrisies changed these easily recognizable seats became a bit of gossip around town. Apparently the folding furniture was the same as that used by the funeral parlor and often shared back and forth to accommodate larger crowds, rendering it unclear exactly where to place the blame.


When the town died all of the seats were acquired by a man on the board of directors for an insane asylum and a prison. The seats typically sat in an auditorium where doctors and scientists smoked and discussed the abnormal and treatments for those afflicted – on the occasion of executions, sections were loaned to the prison for the witness room spectators.


As times changed again the asylum closed and these seats made their way to Seattle to be used in a theatre.


All of these institutions and the characters involved are long gone; no one can confirm any of this story.


Is any of it true?

How did this section of garish seats end up in an eclectic household?

Does anyone even care?



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