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James is on a ladder painting –  Jesse and his dog Steve walk up the driveway.

Jesse: Place is looking better, nothing like a fresh coat of paint.

James: Yeah, thanks – better everyday.

Jesse: You ever go to the _______ coffee shop?

James: Yeah, I like how the strong smell of coffee hits you as the squeaky door opens.  Walking across the old hardwood floor sounds like my back in the morning.  I usually sit in the tall chair in the corner and stare out at the coastline.

Jesse: Nice gal works there.

James: Yeah, always been nice to me.


Jesse is looking over at James’ motorcycle in the driveway.

Jesse: Your motorcycle is loud.  Turns back to watching James paint.

Jesse: Someone beat up her dad.

James: Step-dad

Jesse: How do you know?

James: We’ve had talks about titles like ‘Father’, ‘Dad’, ‘Stepdad.’  Often earned, sometimes just taken – others abused.

Jesse: Someone beat up her Stepdad, he’s still in the hospital.

James: Anyone care?

Jesse: Oh his wife probably does.  But most everyone else thinks he used to molest his daughter – stepdaughter.

James: No.  Anyone care about motorcycle noise?

Jesse: Haven’t heard any complaints, lately.


Jesse is walking back toward his car with Steve.

Jesse: It seems easier for you to paint when you use your right hand.

James: Yeah, just trying to balance things out a bit.


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