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We Could Be Related

Weekday commuting starts early and grows into a crowded tailgating typically rude frenzy that inevitably slows to an intolerant crawl. I call it The Gauntlet. This busy time of day is my least favorite and rarely driven despite its financial opportunities.

However one weekday morning I was awake very early and decided to turn my app on and see if I could catch a rider while I watched tv. Ping – I got a request. The rider was nearby in a newer housing development that I hadn’t noticed before. It was just a couple blocks off of the always bustling Pacific Highway, being downhill and tucked into some trees this group of houses enjoys some seclusion.

Driving slowly past the house to turn around in the culdesac and return to stop in front gave the rider enough time to be ready when I stopped.

“Good morning,” she said in a warm voice with an African accent.

On the drive we talked about her neighborhood, job and the town we both called home.

Near the end of our trip I shared, “You spell your name the same way my mom does.”

“Your name is spelled the same as my son’s. Maybe we are related?”


Belly laughing spilled from the backseat into the front. The best tip of the day – laugh more.


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