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“A dog is a bon…

“A dog is a bond between strangers.” –John Steinbeck



3 thoughts on ““A dog is a bon…

  1. good afternoon Bryan…I was wondering if you happened to view my blog about Molly? She is a dog that was hit by a massive auto and now has four broken legs and is in CARMA Vet and they are seeking donations for $10.00 from 400 people. Is there any way you might be able to Help Molly? The owner of Molly is a retired Vet and he is just as broke as I am. I am working like crazy trying to find funding to save Molly’s life. If you get a chance you can read the whole story about Molly on my blog.

    PS. CARMA is a non-profit organization 501 (c) and you can request a receipt for your donation

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