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‘Twas the Season…

‘Twas the season… earlier, yet again.  Sarrah and I enjoyed another ‘ever encroaching’ season for our evening walks to be lit by the sporadic houses participating in multi-colored Christmas accents.  Though I do not adorn my house with lights, I do make an effort to appreciate the works of those who do, Even if they insist on doing this further into November.  This year the lights seemed more special, so we varied our route and changed things up a bit to see and experience a little more.  Much like a movie, on our quiet evening walks my mind took me back through many of Christmas seasons of the past, most bright and delightful, some a little less, but all memories worth having.  I typically have more of a seasonal chaos and yearend stress induced ‘Bah, Humbug’ attitude around this time of year.  Even after the excess commercial nonsense and profiteering junk is scraped off, Christmas is still a bittersweet holiday for me.


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